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Messages to men
Testing, and receiving test results to know where they stand.
If the test is negative, practicing risk reduction and prevention measures such as abstinence, faithfulness, reduction of sexual partners and condom use.
If the test is positive, start taking ARVs immediately as told by the health worker.
Remember, as a man, you can only do what you want to do if you are alive.
Remember, your HIV status expires every time you have unprotected sex with someone whose HIV status you do not know.
The young people
Every young person must a stand against HIV by doing the following:
Abstain from sex until you are ready for the consequences and responsibilities that come with it. Just because your friends are having sex does not mean that you should have it. The consequences are not shared by your friends
If sexually active, adopt safer sex practices such as using condoms and faithfulness
Before you engage in sex, know your HIV status and that of your partner
Avoid bad influences and risky places
Avoid alcohol and drug abuse that compromise your decision making and expose you to HIV, teenage pregnancy and premature death.
The parents
As parents you are the foundation of the family and children depend on you for their safety and wellbeing. Children need someone they trust as their source of information and advise. Therefore parents must take a stand against HIV by doing the following:
Spend quality time with your children and set an example for them to follow.
Equip your children with skills on how to deal with peer pressure that results in risky behavior such as early sex, alcohol and drug abuse that result into premature death
Understand and discuss the unique needs of young people especially adolescents such as body changes, attraction to opposite sex among others
Create an enabling environment at home for your children to freely discuss issues of sexuality, body changes and HIV
Support your children to complete school

As Leaders you must take a stand against HIV by encouraging people to close the tap on new infections by mobilizing and encouraging people to:
ž Provide clear and accurate information on how to prevent contracting and spreading HIV.
ž mobilize communities especially men to adopt risky reduction strategies such as abstinence, faithfulness and condom use to prevent HIV
Encourage people to test for HIV and receive results. Those who are positive should start treatment immediately
Motivate young people to stay in school and engage in productive activities
Mobilize communities against negative social and cultural practices such as early marriage and gender based violence that expose people to risk of HIV

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