Innocent Ogwal Foundation Team will set up a 50-bed community hospital which will be located in outskirt of Kampala by 2025 under our program {Brand} Village Women Hospital (VWH) and our Hospital motto is “In Love with Life”, to provide access to medical services to single mothers and kids affected with HIV Aids in the many streets of cities and towns in Uganda, orphans and poor communities who cannot afford health care.

Our organizational aim is to provide a comprehensive health care program (preventive, curative, and Rehabilitation), aimed at reaching target groups of people affected with HIV Aids, by improving access to basic health services.

Why are we doing this? – Problem statement

We have realized a general absence of healthcare facilities in the country which directly or indirectly cater the health care for street women and kids. Most of these young women get pregnant in street and most of the time it is hard for them to take care of these pregnancies hence most unborn babies and their mothers get complications during and after birth.

We believe most of these families in the street are exposed to many dangers like rape, accidents, poor eating habits, poor housing or no housing which leads to serious medical complications
We believe access to affordable health quality care services exceeds the income of the population in the street.

Steps were taken already? – Solution

We have already identified a suitable place and together with other developmental partners we will build this dream community hospital which will provide and ensure affordable access to healthcare services for the people living with HIV Aids in the surrounding community and country at large

Based on the vision of Community hospital the 50-bed community hospital should:

Provide emergency services, treatment of common diseases and injuries, maternal and Peri-natal healthcare, a 24 hour/day delivery service, emergency obstetric care, PNC services, family planning .

Service,immunization, tuberculosis control, child health services (including oral health services, accident prevention and rehabilitation, post trauma problems, operation services, chronic disease – diagnosis, control and referral, counseling and school health programme and preventive services) and outreach support such as seasonal health camps at a community level
We want to have operating theatre and the capacity for surgery, especially for emergency obstetrics and gynecology; as well as a full range of simple procedures;

We want ultimately provide support and outreach services to the surrounding area in the areas of HIV Aids Awareness and prevention.

Why build a community hospital

We will provide health care services to HIV Aids affected people in the country
Through the community hospital we will provide employment to Doctors, Nurses, other medical related stuff, non-medical staff and the surrounding community.

The hospital structure and plan – Pictorial or Architectural 3D Expression {Video}
The hospital will have three floors and is expected to lay on at least 5 hectares of land.
The Hospital is expected to have the following departments

  1. Outpatient and emergency unit
  2. Modern fully equipped laboratory unit
  3. Radiology unit
  4. State of art theatres
  5. Intensive care unit
  6. Obs and Maternity wing
  7. Consultation rooms
  8. Kitchen Unit
  9. Central sterilization Unit
  10. Stores
  11. Pharmacy unit
  12. Workshop for hospital engineers
  13. Administration wing
    Connect with us to realize this wonderful dream together to uplift medical equality to all Ugandans, to be a volunteer in this program don’t hesitate to contacts us. We would love to hear from you.