The paradigm shift of the Dream Village focuses on providing a platform upon which unutilized talent is groomed and shall be a place where dreams are given a chance to be born.

The idea is to recruit the young people of ages between 6-19 years in a specific period of time and coached during the time of engagement, these activities will cut across different talents and skills which will have professional coaches to train and help develop them.

The focus is to target young people out of school (School dropouts and teenage parents) to have an opportunity to be trained in character building through professional mentoring and personal skills building. These will go a long way in developing the persona of the individual even as they grow and learn to interact with the outside world. The young people still in school and are interested will only be enrolled during holidays and with permission from parents or guardians.

A number of activities will be conducted and these will be dependent on the partnering entities that will implement other activities alongside the talent growth.

Among these will include Vocational technical institutes that will provide hands on training to the young people in various fields of interest. These skill training will enable them to generate income through appropriate entrepreneurial techniques besides growing the talent that they may have.
As it should be noted this will create employment opportunities for them. Other development partners will determine what areas of focus they can support within this initiative.

The areas within where the target groups of young people shall be picked from within the low income communities of Katwe, Kamokya, Katanga, Nsambya and Bwaise.

These will be indirect cooperation with both the ring leaders and local community leaders where they reside.
By getting this targeted group busy, the future of these communities will be transformed, hooliganism will be dealt with since they will be involved, drug addiction and circulation will be dealt with and the future of these children will be brighter for a more responsible citizens.

Our projection to the recruitment will be attained by annually enrolment.
The foundation plans to enroll 50 targeted aged groups for the first 6 months character building class, where after, they will determine their different interest in life in the different talent and skill building.
Our statistics is that yearly we will have 100 people enrolled for the next 1 year, until we have built our own centre that is planned to enroll 200 people yearly.

Every student who comes for enrolment, will be back checked for clarity that they have not deliberately dropped out of school for the education centre , however they are in the position of they need the service .
We also understand that these children may not be in any capacity to afford the education centre, so we plan to have them supported by the different partnerships with the partners that will come on board.
Every student that has been enrolled must go through 6 months course training. In these 6 months, they will train getting ready for the different skill courses that they train for .It’s in this time that the trainers will determine if a student is ready with a sound mind and focus to enroll for the skill courses.

The time frame spent on the different courses that they enroll for will determined by the different syllabuses prepared by the education centre and also the technical trainings.
The Architectural Impression of the Talent Development Centre

Thank you for considering this information and for the noble support accorded to the cause of Innocent Ogwal Foundation in Uganda.